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5 Ways to Combine SEO, SEM, and CRO for a Winning E-Commerce Strategy Email address:

SEO-SEM-CRO Always remember that it’s the users (your website visitors or customers) who are your top priority. All the efforts and investments for your SEO, SEM, and CRO strategy will be worthwhile only if your landing page or website provides a good, or I should say, GREAT! User experience. Creating engaging and informative content will help engage visitors , which in turn will boost your Google (search engine) rankings, bringing in more users and the cycle will continue. Serving content that answers a user query or adds value to their journey is a sure shot way to push the visitor down the sales funnel. Trimming out extra content that is likely to distract visitors or doesn’t add value will ease site-navigation for visitors and help search engines crawl and index it. Tailoring content to evolve around SEM campaign structure helps bridge the content gaps. Generally, the SEM strategy revolves around existing content and adapts to dynamic consumer interests. Digging into SEM metrics for optimizing SEM programs can also contribute to enhance existing content and develop fresh content by providing pointers to what works well, how the customer’s needs are changing etc. Enhancing customer journey of a visitor will make her experience seamless and enjoyable and a good UX complements CRO. Identifying pain points, rigorously testing your hypotheses based on research, tweaking the website based on results will improve UX, and conversions will follow.

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